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For more than 50 years, words like innovation, creativity, sustainability, and customization have meant as much to us as they do to you. Our shared knowledge and vocabulary reflects a mutual commitment to excellence.

Take a look throughout this site and see why we are so passionate about metal and how we can provide you the products and expertise to make your next sustainable project with metal a success.


Find out which of the 21 Metal Sales locations are close to your project. Get full information about our roofing and wall panel products, or ask us specific questions to keep your project moving.

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See what these architects had to say about their projects and why they choose to partner with Metal Sales for roof and wall panels.

Setting a new standard of service

After experiencing the Metal Sales approach to customer service architect Dennis Dong turned to Metal Sales to bring his design vision to life. He was wowed by the combination of unique colors and patterns and level of customer service from specification to installation.

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Enriching the community

For the Flex Tech Community College project, architects turned to metal wall panels to create an educational building designed to serve the community for decades. The build shifts purposes as needed by the community. As the front door to the campus, the exterior metal cladding provides a memorable focal point for the community.

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Reflecting Natural Surroundings

The Medicine Crow Middle School mimics the Rimrocks’ prehistoric sandstone banks, with varying wall panel profiles and hues reflecting the striated limestone of the region. The school will serve the community for a half-century, with Metal Sales wall panels performing every day. Learn how you can tap Metal Sales expertise to leave a lasting statement.

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You’re committed to making our world a better place through building sustainable buildings, and so are we. As a building material manufacture, we contribute to sustainable design and a healthier environment by what products we make, how we make them and how we operate as a company.

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Surpass design objectives, building codes, and client expectations with the range of Metal Sales roof and wall panels. There’s a panel to make your vision come to life in both exterior and interior applications, as well as full trim and finishing options. To see how your project can stand out from the crowd.

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It’s easy to get the information you need to specify Metal Sales panels for your next project. Find information at your fingertips including technical reference sheets, CAD & BIM files, installation guides, product literature, metal panel color and paint effects guides, and even a glossary of architectural terms.

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Looking for a one-stop shop catalog with full transparency disclosures to make sure your next green project is as sustainable as possible? Check out our roof and wall panel info on Sustainable Minds Transparency Catalog.

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